Body Treatment

Holistic & Metaphysical Services

Reiki -
Reiki is a simple, yet very powerful, hands on light touch technique that reduces stress, promotes relaxation & balances emotions. Reiki increases your energy level & sense of well-being promoting personal growth & healing on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

  •   30 minutes - $45
  •   60 minutes - $80
  •   90 minutes - $105

Crystal Healing -
A 5000 yr old method of healing with the use of crystals placed on or around the body is called Crystal Healing. Crystals have been used to heal & restore balance. They help in releasing & clearing negative energy, thereby assisting in energy healing.

  •   30 minutes - $55
  •   60 minutes - $90
  •   90 minutes - $115

Chakra Clearing -
Chakra Balancing brings balance, harmony and clarity to the chakras. Benefits of Chakra Balancing may include: Clarity, Mental Awareness, Reduced Anxiety, Energizes & restores vitality, Stress Relief, Improves Mindfulness, Decreases blood pressure & other tension related disorders, & Overall balance.

  •   30 minutes - $40


Bio Mat Meditation -
Guided meditations pertaining to areas of focus or healing while enjoying the healthful benefits of the BIO MAT. The Amethyst Bio Mat is a Negative Ion & Far Infrared Ray Therapeutic Treatment System that is approved by the FDA. It penetrates through the skin to the muscles, blood vessels, nerves, joints, & bone. Relieving tension & pressure, it also expands blood vessels to carry away toxins, reduce inflammation and brings nutrition to damaged areas.

  •   30 minutes - $30
  •   60 minutes - $60

Akashic Record Readings -
The Akashic Records are the records of your soul's journey through all time- past, present & into the future. Information from the Records is meant to assist you with whatever challenges you're facing, literally bringing "light" to the situation so that you can shift into a higher perspective. Akashic Record readings are extremely helpful gaining understanding of your life, resolving difficulties, healing traumas, removing obstacles, clarifying choices for the future, & supporting soul-growth.

  •   30 minutes - $50
  •   60 minutes - $100
  •   Available in person or over the phone

Home/Business Blessings -
Based upon size and number of rooms

  •   $100 - $200

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